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The backbone of any design based network is stability and speed. We take a full spectrum approach in supporting digital design houses, and can help plan and integrate your high speed network and all the workstations, servers, storage arrays, and network hardware inside of it. We've worked with VFX, architectural, and CAD/CAM superstars since 2009, and have the skillsets and technical capacity to seemlessly expand your network's capabilities.


Our workstations and render nodes are configurable to your individual specifications for a custom fit. Need a high clock speed single CPU system with 32GB's of RAM and an SSD drive for CAD/CAM design work? We've got you covered. Need multiple systems with 24 core dual Xeon processing power for VFX animation or architectural still scenes in Maya/Max/C4D with vRay? We've also got you covered. Delivery and integration into your network and workflow available.


3DV Corporation


Axiom Custom Products

HereNOW Creative


Hinge Digital


IDL World Wide

JH Interior Design

Koerner Camera Systems

LRS Architects

MSA Planning & Design

Mode Adjust

MTI Productions

Nemo Design


Pistola MFG

Pixel Pool

Skylab Architecture



Have a need for a permanent system in house? We build and sell workstations and render servers in any configuration you can imagine. Many VFX studios we work with know exactly what they want. Bring us your custom specifications and we'll make it happen. Peace of mind included with a three year warranty on parts and labor. Fast turnaround and much more affordable than the big box stores, we're here to help drive your workflow to where you need it to be.


In addition to workstation, server, and storage array sales and rental, we offer network management. Consider us like in-house IT, without the need for office space. We manage all aspects of systems, including data management and backups, patch management, asset tracking for software licensing and physical hardware. All for a flat and predictable monthly expenditure.


We know how much data can be created by design houses on a daily basis. Primary high-speed storage fills up fast. Project files needs to be redundant and quickly accessible. Multi disk storage arrays designed for speed and reliability are the answer.

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